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2017 Sustainability report

TCT 2015 Sustainability report:


2015 Sustainability report_v6.0

What is BECHS system

By the end of 2011, TCT built up the system of B.E.C.H.S to listen out for cooperate ethical, environment protection, social responsibility, health and safety. At TCT, we believe we can help to build a sustainable future by delivery products and services to the customers and end users.

Company basic policy and status

B.E.C.H.S Management Policy

Customer focus, pursue quality 

Energy saving reducing consumption, green production 

People oriented, health and safety 

Overall anti-terrorism, reduce risk 

Responsibility for the benefit of society 

Focusing on prevention and continuous improvement

Company policy

TCT Management Strategy :

Customer focus, pursue quality;

Energy saving, reducing consumption, green production;

People-oriented, health and safety;

Overall anti-terrorism, reduce risk;

Responsibility for the benefit of society;

Focusing on prevention and continuous improvement. 

Environment Protection

Ref attachment TCT Environment Related Substance Magt StandardV1.5 - English

Conflict Mineral Announcement

Ref attachment TCT-Announcement - conflict mineral

Certificate collection

Global Quality Management System 

Ref attachment  TCT-TL 9000 Main Certificate (20181214-20211213)

Ref attachment  TCT- ISO14001(20180827-20200831)

Ethical Code

TCT aims to promote safe and fair working conditions, and the responsible management of environmental and social issues, and also to govern our activities with our stakeholders, including the suppliers, who shall respect this code. 

Ref attachment  TCT-Ethical Code_v4.0 

TCT pursues highly quality and focus on sustainable development. According to ISO14064 which has been approved as "good practice" in the industry. TCT had kickoff GHG calculate to track performance and progress in the reduction of GHG emissions and/or increase in GHG removals, which also assists in the identification of GHG risks or liabilities. 

TCT compliance with SA8000,obey requirements on child labour,forced labour, health & safety,sreedom of association and right to collective bargaining,discrimination,disciplinazy practices,working hours,compensation,management systems and advocate & push SA8000 in TCT supplier chain.

Ref attachment  TCT- OHSAS18001(20171001-20200930)

Ref attachment  TCT- SA8000 (20170326-20200401)

TCT aimed to affect the suppliers in supply chain, and improve the CSR performance, build CSR capability within the supply base thus output TCT Supply chain CSR audit procedure_v3.0

Ref attachment  TCT Supply chain CSR audit procedure_v3.0

TCT aims to provide green and quality products to customers.Bases on this mission, we integrated industry experiences finally output TCT eco rating calculate methodology in oder to analyize each product eco advantage/weakness. 

2012 TCT Kids Painting Competition- Theme: Climate change.

Climate change is an environmental issue, but also sustainability issue. During nearly 50 years, the global warning mainly caused by the warming effect of the massive emissions of carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and other greenhouse gases by human activities. We hope to contribute to the mitigation of climate change through the following initiatives.

Improve energy efficiency

Use water and electricity in reason

Develop renewable energy

Enhance ecological construction

2011 TCT Kids painting competition Theme- Green & Environment